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DrumCraft is the new brand that not simply offers high quality drums it also offers style that derives from German engineering and design.

Our drive, effort and passion are to give you an instrument that you really dig to play. DrumCraft drums are created to stand out and be visually individual without compromising on function. They are built to inspire you every time you perform on them. No matter whether you're having fun in your rehearsal room or you're playing 10.000 people venues with your band. You're the heartbeat of your music, you're the pulse. You deserve an instrument with soul - nothing less.

To create this kind of instrument we craft to three main principles.

Principal 1: Cast the soul into an instrument by Quality and Design

We produce drums that follow certain design rules:

  • Respect nature and humans
  • Technology must serve
  • Design is about use
  • Great design is unobtrusive and supports the visual appearance
  • Perfection is achieved, when there is nothing left to take away

Almost every single part has been designed by German drummers and engineers based on production abilities to put it into real life. Sometimes we had to find new processes though, especially in surface finishing. Prototypes were hand made and machined to proof the theories in a real drummer's life.

Only then, after our testing drummers confirmed that the instrument is working according to its designed purpose, it went into production. There is still a lot of handiwork involved in regular production, only metal parts are no longer machined but casted.
We strongly believe that an instrument is much more than just the sum of the assembled parts. An instrument's soul reflects the enthusiasm of the people involved in its creation.

Principal 2: Sustainability  - Responsibility  - High End Materials

Protecting our staff and DrumCraft drummers from health risks of dangerous chemicals we see as our responsibility.


  • Wood

DrumCraft only composes shells with hand selected lumbers that have been checked for tonal and visual qualities. They only have been harvested according to environmental standards and do not come from endangered species.

  • Varnish

Our varnishes are water based, meaning that they do not contain health hazardous solvents. They are the latest development of the surface technology combining ecofriendly production processes with stunning appearance and road worthy finishing.

  • Glue

Using formaldehyde free wood glue for drums is not the standard in the industry as it is expensive and you cannot see, smell or touch the difference. Formaldehyde is not banned but it is heavily suspected to be cause cancer, that's why we don't see the point in using glue that contains it for our drums.

  • Rubber and other synthetic materials

The same path we're going with other materials. They have been checked for dangerous contents from German Product safety authorities and only cleared materials are in use. Our rubber feet on the stands are actually not rubber but some newly composed synthetic that exceeds rubber properties in every aspect.


We are convinced that once you're sitting at your favourite place in the world - behind your drums - on a subconscious level you'll feel the difference.

And this also holds true for our staff, only dedicated craftsmen with joy at work can build inspiring instruments.

Principal 3: Innovation and Details for Drummers

Our drums and stands are constantly refined. There is more than meets the eye with DrumCraft instruments.

Take the Zero Gravity Mount for instance, designed to keep the drum in place while you change the heads unlike many other tom mount systems.
The memorylock inside the tripod braces ensure easy setup of the series 8 stands time and time again.
Nylon washers between the bracing of the stands ensure smooth action and noiseless stands.
It's details like that, things you don't see in first place but you appreciate after a while, when you realize that somebody already checked it out and took care about material. You can just relax and focus on your music.
And there is a lot more in the pipeline from our engineers - stay tuned.

So, what are you waiting for - get your sticks and experience DrumCraft.


Lignum Snares

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Responsible Design
We care about responsible and respectful treated sources, reduced chemicals, frequent testing and safety measures. Once you’re sitting at your favourite place in the world – behind your drums – on a subconscious level, you’ll feel the difference.
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